"The Best Way Out is Through" with Billy Bateman (Mini Special) | S4E36

Billy Bateman (Jacob's brother), and Jacob, recap their trecherous 12 hour run through Boulder Mountain, Utah. They ran into many obstacles, but somehow made it through and learned many lessons along the way that might help YOU finish your first 100 mile race!~Leave us a review!~Click here to leave a review on appleClick here to rate us on Spotify_____________________________________________________________________________________________Other Links:Coaching for beginner ultrarunners: www.tra...

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A podcast for those looking to unlock their potential through the seemingly impossible task of running 100 miles. Trail to 100 dives into the beginning stories of average everyday ultra runners. Not only will you hear honest, down to earth, ultra running experiences from beginner ultra runners all over the world, but you'll gain tools to help you run your own 100 mile race! Jacob and Melody (hosts) interview inspirational first-time ultra runners, and they also share their own personal experiences of ultra-running. Are you ready to unlock your potential? Because we’re on the trail to 100!