Running your First 100 Race as a Married Couple with the Everyday Ultra Podcast |S4E37 (Flashback Episode)

Flashback episode to when we were interviewed by Joe Corcione about our first 100 mile race and how we did it as a married couple! Running 100 miles is one thing...But running it WITH someone...Especially your significant other...adds a WHOLE new dynamic! (It will be interesting to see how dynamics change once baby Bateman gets here!) ~Leave us a review!~Click here to leave a review on appleClick here to rate us on Spotify__________________________________________________________________...

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A podcast for those looking to unlock their potential through the seemingly impossible task of running 100 miles. Trail to 100 dives into the beginning stories of average everyday ultra runners. Not only will you hear honest, down to earth, ultra running experiences from beginner ultra runners all over the world, but you'll gain tools to help you run your own 100 mile race! Jacob and Melody (hosts) interview inspirational first-time ultra runners, and they also share their own personal experiences of ultra-running. Are you ready to unlock your potential? Because we’re on the trail to 100!