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What is success to you? Local vs global impact

from Together in business | Published 3/8/2021

With so much noise around us, sometimes it's good to slow down and think about what is really important, what we want, why, and on what terms. What is success? Lots of money? One million strangers following you? Making a difference in someone's life even if it never makes it to social media?This week's episode is an invitation for reflection on what is important to you (which may not be what is important to me or your friends, family, and colleagues, and that is OK).Also, I changed the podcast format!Engagement will still be there in the form of comments, and I do encourage you to share your views, but each topic will be covered in one episode rather than an introduction followed by a longer episode.

Om Podcasten

Your Monday morning dose of positivity and motivation! This podcast is about creativity, productivity and basically people just being nice to each other at work. You can expect a new episode every other week, bright and early, on a Monday morning at 6am CET, to start the week with a good dose of positive energy. To make it interactive and have people participating, in the week between podcasts, I will post the topic of the next one on LinkedIn, so that everyone can comment. My background is in both academia and EdTech/digital product development, so expect some waffling about that too, always with people and processes at the centre!