1111: What’s the Best Advice About College From 20-Somethings, Mash-Up VII [5th anniversary Mash-Up]

This week’s T4C episode is our 7th mashup to celebrate Time4Coffee’s 5th anniversary this month.  Here's a final batch of amazing 20-somethings who've been guests on the show over the last 5 years -- sharing the advice they'd give themselves if they could go back to college. 

Om Podcasten

At Time4Coffee (T4C) the professionals in the jobs that matter most to YOU, always have time to ‘grab coffee’ 24/7 to help you figure out how to convert your college degree into a career track you’ll love. In addition, T4C also interviews experts in health, wellness and self-care because what good is it to find a job you love, if your physical and/or mental health sucks? But mostly these are "caffeinated career conversations" for 18-25 year olds to give you the inside track, no BS or spin allowed, on what professionals in dozens of different careers actually DO in their jobs, their lessons learned and insider tips. From Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to Sony film executives. From professional baseball scouts to public policy wonks. From marketing gurus to mission-driven CEOs. From Tech reporters to Tech & software wizards. From NYTs best-selling authors to Queer Eye book editors. From global humanitarian & development professionals to global impact investing experts. From PR & communications managers to pub-crawling engineers and podcasters. From Flywheel Sports to Functional medicine. From directing research into digital cities to leading digital social media campaigns. As the Time4Coffee name implies, these in-depth interviews with professionals – from the entry level all the way up to the C-suite executive -- explore many of the same topics covered when people meet, in person, often over a cup of coffee to get career advice. The T4C Espresso Shots, or mini-episodes, are 10-15 minute ‘caffeinated career conversations’ about the entry level jobs, skills sets, life experiences, majors and degrees employers in those careers look for in the young people they hire in entry-level positions, as well as the best career advice these professionals have to offer. The longer T4C episodes dig into the day-t0-day jobs these professionals have today, their lessons learned and excellent advice as well as how each of them recovered from failures, set-backs or other challenges to build their careers to where they are now. During her 30+ years in journalism, public affairs, public relations and the non-profit worlds, former award-winning CNN journalist, Andrea Koppel, routinely provided free advice, over countless cups of coffee, to scores of young people trying to build their own careers. She sincerely hopes Time4Coffee will be able to replicate, at scale, what she and so many others do every day but on a one-on-one basis, to help hundreds of thousands of aspiring Gen Z, iGen and Millennial professionals achieve their wildest dreams! www.Time4Coffee.org PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, REVIEW & RATE!!!! THANK U