Episode #92. Make your Brain SMARTER with Dr Sandra Chapman. Founder of the Centre for Brain Health, UT Dallas

Making brain health everyone's business with Dr. Sandi Chapman is one of the nation’s preeminent cognitive neuroscientists furthering our understanding of what makes the brain stronger, faster and last longer. She is committed to enhancing human cognitive capacity and the underlying brain systems across the lifespan. She is committed to democratizing access to brain health strategies and tools to achieve for brain health what has been done for heart health in individuals ages 10 – 100 from all walks of life around the globe. Her work is transforming how we care for our brain before something goes wrong, removing stigma, and elevating brain health with scientifically validated measurements, interventions and practices.In her book Make Your Brain Smarter, renowned cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman introduces you to the very latest research in brain science and shows you how to tailor a program to strengthen your brain’s capacity to think smarter. In this all-inclusive book, Dr. Chapman delivers a comprehensive “fitness” plan that you can use to “exercise” your way to a healthier brain. You will find strategies to reduce stress and anxiety, increase productivity, enhance decision-making, and strengthen how your brain works at every age. You will discover why memory is not the most important measure of brain capacity, why IQ is a misleading index of brain potential, and why innovative thinking energizes your brain. Make Your Brain Smarter is the ultimate guide for keeping your brain fit during each decade of your life.She collaborates with researchers and leaders around the world to advance the science of brain health, melding expertise in cognitive neuroscience, brain plasticity, brain imaging, medicine and neuroengineering.With more than 50 funded research grants and 200+ peer-reviewed publications, Dr. Chapman directs clinical trials to develop, test and apply novel and multidimensional approaches to build cognitive capacity and well-being, improve life function and enhance supporting brain systems.She leads major international efforts to deliver the first-of-its-kind BrainHealth® Index – a composite measure of brain health – to motivate improvement in three broad domains: clarity, resilience, and fortitude.https://centerforbrainhealth.org/people/sandra-bond-chapman-phdSupport the show

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Opening up the conversation to brain health and fitness is empowering. The podcast brings the brain to life to help people empower themselves and their brain using neuroscience. Let's get to know how the brain works using brain science education and simple tools that can assist with calming and strengthening the brain are powerful ways for people to understand their capacity to be strong and resilient. Brain health has become everyone’s business. Professor Bartlett is a neuroscientist and has dedicated the last 25 years to studying the brain. The series of episodes was created to deliver practical tips that drive brain health and fitness. She is a Professor of Neuroscience at Queensland University of Technology and won the Lawrie Austin Award for Neuroscience from the Australian Neuroscience Society. The bottom line after searching for mental health solutions- neuroplasticity, brain imaging and digital technology are going to disrupt the mental health space and everyone will be talking about their brain health in the same way they think about their body with physical trainers and gyms. Please join us in the fun and biggest adventure of our lives. You can teach an old dog new tricks!