Episode #89. Oh sugar, we need to talk. How sugar can rewire your brain - true story - and how to give it up- an addiction on the on the Healthy-ish podcast.

Learn why sugar is embedded in the food chain, is addictive and what to do about it. https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/a-neuroscientist-on-sugar-the-damage-to-your-brain/id1246679887?i=1000557120286Interviewed on the Healthy-ish podcast by Felicity Harley. She has 20 years media experience, Felicity Harley is one of the most respected editors in women's publishing. In 2017 she launched whimn.com.au, before which she was launch editor of Women's Health magazine. During her nine year tenure, she took it to Australia's top selling women's lifestyle magazine. She has held the position of deputy editor at Cosmopolitan and features director of CLEO, and has worked across Girlfriend, WHO and also in the UK. She is also author of Balance & Other B.S. In 2012, Felicity was named one of Westpac's Australia's 100 Women Of Influence for her brainchild - the I Support Women In Sport campaign - which won recognition from the then PM Julia Gilliard plus national and international awards. For the past 12 years, she has appeared on Channel 7 - including weekly on Sunrise - and The Morning Show, Daily Edition and Seven News. She has also thrown her hand at presenting for TV shows including the Brownlow Red Carpet Special and health and wellness show, Live Well. Felicity is an established keynote speaker and panel facilitator.Support the show

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Opening up the conversation to brain health and fitness is empowering. The podcast brings the brain to life to help people empower themselves and their brain using neuroscience. Let's get to know how the brain works using brain science education and simple tools that can assist with calming and strengthening the brain are powerful ways for people to understand their capacity to be strong and resilient. Brain health has become everyone’s business. Professor Bartlett is a neuroscientist and has dedicated the last 25 years to studying the brain. The series of episodes was created to deliver practical tips that drive brain health and fitness. She is a Professor of Neuroscience at Queensland University of Technology and won the Lawrie Austin Award for Neuroscience from the Australian Neuroscience Society. The bottom line after searching for mental health solutions- neuroplasticity, brain imaging and digital technology are going to disrupt the mental health space and everyone will be talking about their brain health in the same way they think about their body with physical trainers and gyms. Please join us in the fun and biggest adventure of our lives. You can teach an old dog new tricks!