Recession To Send Interest Rates Even Higher In 2024? | Jesse Felder

When the game changes, the old rules don't apply and to succeed, you need to adopt a new playbook. Well, there's a good argument to be made that the investing gameboard has materially changed in the post-COVID era. But so far, both Wall Street and regular investors are still playing by the old rules. Is this a recipe for disaster? To find out, we have the good fortune today to hear from Jesse Fedler, founder & Editor of The Felder Report, a highly respected market research firm. He written a lot lately on the "sea change" the economy and financial markets have recently experienced. We'll ask him what the biggest implications will be & how investors should adapt to them. Follow Jesse at or on X/Twitter at @jessefelder To learn what's in store for this new Thoughtful Money channel, SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE to Adam's new Substack at #recession #interestrates #techstocks

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