How Much Juice Does The Rally In Stocks Have Left? | Lance Roberts & Adam Tagart

Yes, the Saturday weekly market reviews between Adam Taggart & Lance Roberts are back! In today's video, Lance shares his expectation that the rally in stocks will likely continue through year end, though he predicts a short-term selloff is both likely and welcome at this point. Bonds are starting to finally behave the way he has been forecasting for the past several months. He expects them to be largely range-bound (UST10yr between 4.0-4.5%) for the coming quarter or two, and then expects prices to rise by mid-2024 as yields resume declining. Lance concludes by asking Adam the most-commonly asked questions about the new Thoughtful Money venture. Chances are, if you have questions, Adam answers them here. Follow Lance at Follow Adam at #bonds #stockmarket #adamtaggart

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