2024 "Going To Be A Lot Worse" For Markets As Tech Stocks Implode | Fred Hickey

Heading into 2024, we may be witnessing a change in a number of trends. The October CPI numbers suggest inflation is moderating faster than expected. If that proves true, this may mean the Federal Reserve's aggressive campaign of hiking interest rates is over. And if that is true, the 3-year beating the bond market has suffered may be coming to an end. As for stocks, they've been powered higher all year by the Magnificent 7 -- Apple, Google/Alphabet, Amazon, Microsoft, Nvidia, Meta and Tesla.. But even there, we may be witnessing a regime change. To clarify whether these are indeed real & significant trend shifts, Thoughtful Money host Adam Taggart sits down in today's video to speak with Fred Hickey, editor of the highly respected newsletter The High Tech Strategist, which Fred has been publishing since 1987. If you're interested in signing up for Fred's newsletter, send an email to [email protected] Or follow him on Twitter at @htsfhickey To learn what's in store for this new Thoughtful Money channel, SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE to Adam's new Substack at https://adamtaggart.substack.com/ #magnificent7 #techstocks #inflation

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