Ep. 211: Yemado — How to Reduce Stress and Improve Mental Habits Through Mindful Breath and Movement

My guest this week is Yemado. He’s the director of the Boston School of Boabom, and he’s been teaching Boabom for over 20 years. As you’ll hear, Boabom is a Tibetan system of meditation, relaxation, and self-defense, and this was such an interesting discussion. The topics Yemado and I explored were really familiar ones, and they were also in a whole new context. One of the most valuable parts of this conversation for me was his description of “crashing into yourself” when you pursue consistent practice with something like yoga or meditation or Boabom. Eventually you’ll discover inconvenient truths about yourself, and with persistence you can learn better ways to work with yourself. Toward the end you can follow along as Yemado leads us through a brief guided meditation. Topics we got into included: How Yemado discovered Boabom A book Yemado translated called Recycling with the Mind (affiliate link) What it means to meditate Habitual pathways in the mind, and creating new, more intentional pathways Meditation as rerouting the pathways in the mind Connections among the different benefits of meditation, such as relaxation and mental focus Meditation through movement Finding a “just-right challenge” in meditation Seeing through unhelpful assumptions The risk in skipping from one form of practice to another, and the value in practicing one approach over time “Crashing into yourself” through consistent focused practice Discovering truths about yourself that you’re not happy with through meditation Psychological self-defense as not taking on unnecessary additional stress A brief guided meditation from the Boabom approach Yemado is the foremost teacher in North America of Boabom, an ancient Tibetan system of meditation, relaxation, and self defense. He has brought this practice to thousands of students around the world over more than two decades of teaching, and he has trained Boabom teachers around the world. Yemado is the creator of Boabom Journey, a new 5 star app and video course that allows anyone to learn Boabom on their own schedule. He is the director of the Boston School of Boabom, the principal school dedicated to Boabom in North America. Yemado is also the co-translator and editor of a number of books about Boabom. You can download the highly-rated Boabom app here. Check out a free Boabom class, and learn more about Boston Boabom where Yemado is the Director and senior teacher.

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