2019 WALi Summit Recap 1

On this recap episode from the 2019 WALi Summit listen to conversations with 2 attendees: Brandon Li, Paul Kasaty, and two presenters: Dr. Steve Mueller, and Dr. Michael Eschelbach. Consider joining us for the 2020 WALi Summit in Irvine, CA. Save June 28-July 3, and we will be back with more information regarding registration and exact dates. Thanks to Jon Jordening, the executive director of the Center for Worship Leadership, for telling us about WALi at the beginning of the show.

Om Podcasten

Join Steve Zank for conversations about the theology of Christian worship and how it is relates to practice, design, and culture. The "Theology in Motion" podcast is produced by the Center For Worship Leadership, Christ College, Concordia University Irvine, CA. "Theology In Motion" is a part of the Center for Worship Leadership Podcast Network, for more information and other shows see us at cwlonline.org.