Ep 28: Keeping a career in motion through burnouts and pitfalls with Becca Clason

In this episode with illustrator Becca Clason, we talk about our biggest failures and success stories as full-time artists. We discuss everything from the biggest pitfalls of working with commercial clients to learning how to feel grateful for where you are in your career. Learn from our regretful history so you don’t have to make the same mistake we did getting into illustration. Follow Becca on all the things: https://www.instagram.com/beccaclason/ https://www.instagram.com/letter_west/ https://www.somighty.com/ https://www.beccaclason.com/

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I'm going to introduce you inspiring female artists from all over the world. Each with unique accents, cultures, and struggles so we can begin to learn from each other on how to get noticed in this male-dominated industry.