Rune Rasmussen on the power of mythology

In this episode, I speak with historian of religion Rune Rasmussen and we delve into the fascinating realm of Nordic animism and shamanism. We discuss the power of lore, the profound lessons embedded in mythology and how these stories can help us understand humanity. Rune’s insights shed light on why embracing animistic worldviews can offer profound pathways to understanding, healing and connection. While animism might sound fantastical, there are some great nuggets of wisdom in this episode that can help us reflect on our past, so that we can create a brighter future. Want to turn this wisdom into action? Visit to find out more, or email us at [email protected] can find Rune at: Nordic AnimismNordic Animism YoutubeWant to turn this wisdom into action?Small Giants Academy - Impact SafariSmall Giants Academy - The Mastery of Business and EmpathySmall Giants Academy - Interconnected LeaderAnd finally if you want information delivered straight into your inbox, follow the Small Giants Academy newsletter here.Berry xProduced by AudiocraftMusic: Acquila by Monique DiMattina Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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