Shine Online! Part 3: Social Media For Voiceovers

Get ready to go into battle with the algorithm! Join us for a big chat about how to conquer social media without being annoying.  Get your Voiceover Career Planner here! This episode is the third and final instalment in the Shine Online With the VO Social series, and it's sponsored by Black Cat Music - get 15% off your Studiobricks booth by calling them up and using the secret password: VO Social Pod Cats  Theme tune written and performed by Martin Stirrup under this Creative Commons license --- Send in a voice message:

Om Podcasten

A British Podcast Award nominated show that's consistently described as "not boring"... Leah Marks (voice actor and radio person) and Nic Redman (voiceover and voice coach) mash together interviews, investigations and problem solving in this cheerful show for voiceover types. There's a new episode on the first of every month and you can find out more at See you there, VO chums!