Episode #2 - Special Guest: Devin Siebold from the Bored Teachers Sarcastic Classroom Videos

On this episode, the acclaimed teacher comedian from the hilarious sarcastic teacher videos that have gone viral all over the Bored Teachers channels shares some breaking news, what it's really like to be a comedian, stories of being lost in Seaworld twice as a child, his adventures as a standup comedian on the road, and how he was once won a trophy for the most beautiful baby. Join us for some fun games, some real talk, and some laughs!

Om Podcasten

A teacher comedy podcast with the most popular, most well-known teachers on the Internet joining us to talk about how they got to where they are, share their deepest secrets and teacher hacks, play some fun games, and do what we do best at Bored Teachers... have some fun! Every week, we'll have new guests on the show to spill the latest gossip in #teacherlife, talk about what's going on in the wild world of education, reveal some fun facts about themselves, and most importantly, learn how they're all just human beings like the rest of us! So fasten your headphones people because your ears are in for a treat.