Episode #1 - Special Guest: Jess Smith

On the very first episode of The Teacher Talk Show, Miss Smith from the viral Bored Teachers comedy videos joins us to talk about her path to "Teachergram" fame, teaching in 2020-21, teaching while pregnant, having a teacher-hubby, and at the very end, she serenades our listeners with a karaoke cover of her favorite song! We play some "Would You Rather" and "Teacher First Things" games to find out some fun facts, hear her favorite teacher accounts on Instagram, and find out how she once got in trouble for her hilarious videos on Facebook. Tune in to hear it ALL!

Om Podcasten

A teacher comedy podcast with the most popular, most well-known teachers on the Internet joining us to talk about how they got to where they are, share their deepest secrets and teacher hacks, play some fun games, and do what we do best at Bored Teachers... have some fun! Every week, we'll have new guests on the show to spill the latest gossip in #teacherlife, talk about what's going on in the wild world of education, reveal some fun facts about themselves, and most importantly, learn how they're all just human beings like the rest of us! So fasten your headphones people because your ears are in for a treat.