SBM 134: The 80/20 of Marketing Online Courses with Perry Marshall

Today’s Guest In this episode you will learn about course marketing. Perry Marshall is an expert in marketing. This is the 134th session of Smart Brand Marketing. MY BIGGEST TAKEAWAY: The number of unsolved problems never goes down… it only goes up. An oz of prevention is worth a lb of cure but People will […]

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Tom Libelt from brings over two decades of marketing and sales experience. The goal of the show is to bring on the best possible guests to share their sales, marketing and branding strategies along with insights from their active and passive businesses to help you gain an edge and be ahead of the curve with your marketing efforts. Since 2018 one of the main focuses of the show is online course creation and online course marketing. Tom has helped over a 100+ course creators market their courses and is responsible for over 7 figures in course sales within the last year.