Episode 23 - Interview with Rob Phelan, author of 'M is for Money' (children's financial literacy book)

After an extended summer hiatus, the Sloth Investor podcast returns with an interview between Mr. Sloth and Rob Phelan, author of 'M is for Money', a fantastic children's financial literacy book. This was an enjoyable discussion that explores the importance of embedding financial vocabulary from a young age. Here is the official website for the book. Would you like to win a free copy of Rob's book? If so, please email me at [email protected] explaining what makes you a sloth investor (i.e. which of my bedrock principles resonates with you the most?).  Your response will be featured in an upcoming edition of Mr. Sloth's Substack newsletter. Happy listening! Mr. Sloth Twitter: https://twitter.com/sloth_investor Substack: https://theslothinvestor.substack.com/

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