Episode 15 - The Sloth Investor Hall of Fame: Warren Buffett

Regular listeners of the Sloth Investor podcast will know that Mr. Sloth's investing philosophy is a compound creation of everything that he's read, listened to, discussed, and experienced about investing.  In particular, though, there are several key individuals that have played a pivotal role in the formation of my 5 bedrock principles. One of them is Warren Buffett, a profound influence on the Sloth Investor. Indeed, a line in Buffett's 1990 letter to shareholders provided the inspiration for Mr. Sloth's name. Tasked with sculpting the equivalent of my own investing Mount Rushmore, a monument to honor significant giants of the investing world, a key pick would undoubtedly be Warren Buffett. Therefore, it's an honor for me to select Buffett as the second inductee into the Sloth Investor hall of fame. Jay (my co-host) and I hope you enjoy this podcast episode. Mr. Sloth Twitter: https://twitter.com/sloth_investor Substack: https://theslothinvestor.substack.com/

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