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Toby Paterson

from The Skate Creative podcast | Published 7/7/2021

Toby Paterson is a visual artist from Glasgow Scotland. Toby studied at Glasgow school of art and the Art institute of Chicago. He won the Becks futures prize in 2002, a Creative Scotland award in 2006 and was given honorary doctorate from Glasgow Caledonian University in 2011. His art often takes form in painting, sculpture and installation. His work often references modern architecture and how we all interact with city’s , public spaces and its influence on our culture. I caught up with Toby to talk growing up and skateboarding in Glasgow, being an artists during COVID and the importance of free pubic space , Livingston skate park and John Cardiel. Every time I have a conversation with Toby I feel inspired and his curiosity and passion is infectious. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. To find out more about Toby’s work follow the Links to his Instagram and more here....... Toby on Instagram Toby's profile at the modern institute The Skate Creative Podcast instagram My website! Thanks for listening !

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