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Tidy Mike

from The Skate Creative podcast | Published 11/17/2021

This weeks guest is Tidy mike Mike is a film maker, editor and owner of simple print studios. Hailing from Ferryside in west wales Mike started skateboarding in the late 1980’s. His love of skateboard videos pushed him to borrowing his dads video camera to film his friends. This led Mike to filming all around wales ,making his own videos and filming seminal British videos for Danny wainwright and Justin Sydenham’s 5050 skate shop in Bristol. I talk to tidy about growing up in rural wales, starting skateboarding and filming, his close working relationship with danny, syd and the 5050 team, filming jus foolin and his own projects, still in progress and forecast. To find out more about Mike and the projects he’s worked on follow the links in this podcast description I hope you enjoy this episode… Links! Mike in instagram Forecast on instagram Simple print on instagram 5050 Jus Foolin in Vimeo (sign in needed) Tidy on YouTube Danny Wainwright 20 years on Vans edit Cheers 

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