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Serious Sam Barrett

from The Skate Creative podcast | Published 6/23/2021

Sam Barrett is folk and country musician and recording artist from Leeds, Yorkshire. Taking from traditional British folk and mixing it with an influence from American blues and country Sam has has a unique singing and writing style all of his own. Having spent over a decade touring the U.K , USA and Europe he’s more than earned his stripes as a formidable live performer and with a string of studio and live records on his own ya dig label sam has shone bright with his song writing skills and hypnotic guitar and banjo playing I caught up with Sam to talk about writing his new album “Seeds of Love”, being a performer in lockdown, guitar playing, his song writing influences, growing up In a folk heavy household and why Frosty should be given an O.B.E for his contribution to British skateboarding To check out more of sam’s music go to serious Sam Or search serious Sam Barrett on all streaming services Sam on Bandcamp Sam on instagram The Skate creative podcast on instagram See you next episode !

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