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Percy Dean

from The Skate Creative podcast | Published 8/4/2021

This weeks guest is Percy Dean, Percy is a photographer ,filmmaker and director of photography hailing from Liverpool England. For over a decade he was editor of British skateboarding magazine document. Document folded in 2008 after nearly 11 years of covering British skateboarding In its own unique way. This was a watershed moment for Percy and his career. He used the opportunity to complete his masters and start working with a wider range of subjects and techniques, with his work going from strength to strength. I talk to Percy about growing up in Liverpool, being young and keen to skate and shoot photos, starting document, shooting music videos for bands like doves and elbow, the heathy competition between document and sidewalk, and how ceramics gave him headspace during lockdown. Percy is an amazing artist with a unique vision for colour and composition. everything he does from his photography and film making to his ceramics has a through line of honesty and true grit. His contribution to British skate culture though his work on document and beyond is huge . To find out more about Percy’s work follow the links  Percy's Instagram Percy's website Percy Dean ceramics Instagram Percy Dean ceramics website and shop! The Skate Creative podcast Instagram My website! Thanks for listening! 

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