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Nick Jensen

from The Skate Creative podcast | Published 6/8/2021

This episodes guest Is Nick Jensen. Nick is a professional skateboarder ,painter and art director of Isle skateboards. Nick is one of the most prominent and prolific British skateboarders of the last twenty years. Being a member of the pioneering Blueprint skateboards team from the late 1990’s onwards,  Nick had landmark video parts in Blueprints , Lost and Found, Make Friends with the Colour Blue and international release Fully Fared by Lakai footwear. After blueprint ended he and fellow blueprint alumni, Paul Shire started Isle skateboards with Nick taking on the role as art director. I caught up with Nick to talk him about his creative practice as a painter and art director as well as work life balance, parenting and growing up in London’s skate scene. Nick's Instagram Nick's website The Skate Creative podcast instagram

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