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Morgan Campbell

from The Skate Creative podcast | Published 7/21/2021

Morgan Campbell is a collage artist and skateboarder. He has worked in almost every aspect of skateboarding ,from over two decades of being sponsored and pro to writing and editing magazines and internet content. Hailing from Perth Western Australia, Morgan was part of a wave of skateboarders in the 1990’s that brought Australian skateboarding to an international audience. Known for his positivity , handrail destruction and infectious smile , Morgan is seasoned world traveler who’s now settled in the city of Melbourne. I caught up with Morgan to talk about his work in and around skateboarding, his early memories of 80’s demos and sponsorship, an Australian view of the pandemic and filming a new part for Soy Pandays magenta skateboards. To find out more about Morgan and his work follow the links here..... Morgan on instagram Morgans web shop! The Skate Creative Podcast on instagram ! My website! Talk to you more next time!

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