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Matt Pritchard

from The Skate Creative podcast | Published 12/1/2021

Hi and welcome to the skate creative podcast my names Joel Curtis and I’m a musician and skateboarder. This weeks guest is Matt Pritchard Matt is a vegan chef, ironman and marathon athlete and an entrepreneur. Matt started skateboarding in Cardiff with his friends and later turned pro for panic skateboards. Along with Lee Dainton, Mike “Pancho” Locke and Dan Joyce he stared in the hit MTV show Dirty Sanchez. After having found success being on shows like Balls of steel and Dirty Sanchez Matt found himself at a crossroads in his life and decided leave some of the wilder aspects of his life behind after discovering marathon running and participating in ironman competitions. His decision to go Vegan in 2015 lead him to starting his own youtube channel which ultimately took him to having his own vegan cooking show for BBC wales. i caught up with Pritch to talk about his recent voyage, rowing across the Atlantic, making his cooking show, starting skateboarding in Cardiff, his thoughts on veganism, and what it feels like to be one of only four humans in middle of the Atlantic ocean. to find out more about Matt and all his projects and programs follow the links in this podcast description I hope you enjoy this episode… Matt on instagram! S.W.Y.D Tattoo shop instagram and shop site More links and recipes !

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My names joel curtis I’m a musician and skateboarder. in this podcast I’ll be talking to creative people about how skateboarding has influenced their work creativity and life experience. You can subscribe where ever you listen to podcasts by searching for the skate creative podcast.You can follow us on Instagram @theskatecreativepodcast For more information on upcoming guests and episodes. I do hope you’ll join me then