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Leo Sharp

from The Skate Creative podcast | Published 11/3/2021

This weeks guest is Leo Sharp. Leo is the photo editor for the skateboarders companion, a quarterly British skateboard magazine. Before starting the magazine Leo has contributed work to just about all of the magazines that have come out in Britain since the early nineties, earning him a staff photographer post for the long running institution, sidewalk. I talk to Leo about starting skateboarding and photography, the early days of the Milton Keynes scene, running the length of the country with Matt Pritchard, almost emigrating to Australia, some of his favourite skate photos, living in Cornwall, and starting the skateboarders companion over lockdown. To find out more about Leo and the projects he’s worked on follow the links in this podcast description I hope you enjoy this episode… Leo on instagram The skateboarders companion website and instagram The skate creative podcast instagram My website cheers 

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