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from The Skate Creative podcast | Published 10/5/2021

Hi and welcome to the skate creative podcast my names Joel Curtis and I’m a musician and skateboarder. This weeks guest is Mark Foster. Fos is an artist ,designer and founder of Heroin and Landscape skateboards. He started Herion as joke between friends and over twenty years later the company’s still going strong. Its use of humour and loose punk rock aesthetic made Herion stand out from its inception. In late 90’s a lot of skateboarding had become quite conservative in its video making and graphic output. Heroin’s 1999 debut video, Good shit, was under twenty minutes of Fos and his friends skating spots most people wouldn’t have even looked at. Herion’s first pro was Taiichiro Nakamura also none as Chopper. He and his friends from Osaka Japan ,added a new flavour to Herion’s growing team through out the early 2000’s which included British pros’ Chris Pullman and Howard Cook along with host of amateur riders with Alan Glass helming its video output. I talk to Fos about the birth of Herion, living in London in the nineties, growing up in Rawtenstall Lancashire, making videos “Everything’s going to be alright”and “Live from Antarctica”, starting Organic and Landscape skateboards , and moving his life and Herion skateboards to America. To find out more about Fos and Herion skateboards follow these links  Herion skateboards instagram Herion web site Fos art work instagram Herion video back catalog ! The Skate creative podcast instagram My website Thanks!

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My names joel curtis I’m a musician and skateboarder. in this podcast I’ll be talking to creative people about how skateboarding has influenced their work creativity and life experience. You can subscribe where ever you listen to podcasts by searching for the skate creative podcast.You can follow us on Instagram @theskatecreativepodcast For more information on upcoming guests and episodes. I do hope you’ll join me then