Dan Magee Part 2

This weeks guest on the skate creative podcast is Dan Magee. Dan is a film maker, editor and designer. Blueprint skateboards was established by Dan and Faze sevens Joe Burlo in 1996 as an addition to Panic skateboards. Dan rode for Panic and then Blueprint before taking over filming and design duties for both companies. Dan went on to make seven full length videos as well as countless ad’s and promo videos for Blueprint which raised the standard of what could be achieved by a British skateboard company in terms of quality and originality. Dan’s eye for talent and the high goals set by its team members made Blueprint a world class company and a voice which was uniquely British, show casing spots and riders unknown to most of the skateboarding world. In 2008 Blueprint was sold to a Canadian company after Faze 7’s owner Joe Burlo was hit by the financial crash. Dan and all its pervious riders left shortly after this and he became a full time film maker producing content for a wide range of clients in and outside of skateboarding. In this conversation with Dan we talk about starting Blueprint, filming the seminal videos though out his career, Working on his last full length project “Cover Version”, transitioning to working outside of skateboarding and why video premieres are one of the most important parts of skateboarding culture. It could be argued that Dan is one of the most influential people in British skateboarding of the last 25 years but undeniably in terms of video production. His meticulous eye for detail and dedication for showcasing every aspect of skateboarding in Britain made his work influence a generation of skateboarders to want to be part of a home grown company and not just dream of American recognition. While other British companies and riders flew the flag from America , Dan and the Blueprint team became a beacon of what was possible from home and your local scene, rising the bar of what it meant to be a British skateboarder. This episode is in two parts both released today. Dan on Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/chopchopmate/ Dan's website  http://danmagee.co.uk The Skate Creative podcast on instagram  https://www.instagram.com/theskatecreativepodcast/ My website  http://www.joelcurtismusic.com

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