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Christmas Special featuring Seth Curtis & Alan Glass

from The Skate Creative podcast | Published 12/29/2021

Welcome to the skate creative podcast This weeks episode is slightly different as its just a casual conversation with two of my best friends , my brother Seth Curtis, who works at supremes London store and Alan Glass who is head of marketing at shiner distribution.  We all picked two videos that we found interesting from the last 12 months and discussed them. This is a bit of a random and new episode which I thought would be fun for a Christmas special. Hope you all had a good Christmas and have happy new year ! Here are the links…….. Seth on instagram Alan on instagram My Picks Chima Ferguson Andrew Allen Quartersnacks part Seths picks Mark Humiaicac in bronze the Ruben ( part starts at 28.24 mins/sec) Andrew Allen Vans part Alans picks Bear myles Grey part Tanner Van Vark Real part More links Alans indy Europe video featuring DIV Radlands 1999  No war for Heavy Metal tour video by Alan Glass 2000 shown at about 3 am on channel 4 (part 1 of 6) Part 3 with Jon Rattray’s blacktail at 5.38 mins Jon Allie dying to live Guy Mariano in Girl skateboards “Mouse”

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My names joel curtis I’m a musician and skateboarder. in this podcast I’ll be talking to creative people about how skateboarding has influenced their work creativity and life experience. You can subscribe where ever you listen to podcasts by searching for the skate creative podcast.You can follow us on Instagram @theskatecreativepodcast For more information on upcoming guests and episodes. I do hope you’ll join me then