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Alan Glass

from The Skate Creative podcast | Published 10/19/2021

Welcome to the Skate Creative Podcast, This weeks guest is Alan Glass. Alan is head of marking for Shiner distribution and has worked filming and editing skateboard videos for over twenty years. He started making his own videos and went from there to collaboration on the fledgling viewfinder video magazine with John cattle and Tom Moore. After editing the first Heroin video with Fos, he was then employed full time and went on to film and edit all of Heroins releases as well as the last landscape video, horizons. I talked to Alan about skateboarding in Brighton, starting filming his friends, working with Fos on all the heroin projects, filming Horizons, being a good TM, making No war for heavy metal for channel 4 and how he found himself editing some quite specific non-skate videos. To find out more about Alan and the projects he’s worked on follow the links below..... Alan on instagram! Heroin skateboards video back catalog! The Skate Creative podcast instagram My website I hope you enjoy this episode….

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