Craziest Pop Culture Conspiracy Theories and Mandela Effect CONFIRMED!

In this episode Shane and the crew are finally in Colorado! Between Jerid’s HUGE zip line accident and Chris’s wild night of Mary J and munchies, the trip has been a roller coaster of emotions! Hear all the hot news in “Ryland’s Recaps” and grab a fork for some “Weird Food Combinations”! Throw in some frisky cowboy antics and a Mandela Effect CONFIRMED and you got yourself a yee-hawing good time on the couch!

Om Podcasten

Join YouTuber Shane Dawson and a few of his close friends for an hour of unfiltered conversation. Each episode features brutally honest stories from Shane and his co-hosts personal lives as well as the occasional celebrity guest! Reoccurring segments such as “New Fears UNLOCKED” and “Conspiracy Corner” will satisfy your horror craving while others like “Embarrass Me” will bring you the laughs! So press play to hang out with your new friends, and then press pause when you need a break from us. It’s okay, we understand. We’re a lot.