168. Medicine Man

Agatha tells us about the cult she was raised in and a trip she was sent on that included a ritual ceremony and an explosion that nearly killed her.  It was an adventure of a lifetime that she can never talk about. ATHLETIC GREENS Go to athleticgreens.com/secret to get a FREE 1 year supply of immune-supporting Vitamin D AND 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase. THE SECRET ROOM | UNLOCKED We have big news about Unlocked coming soon.  In the meantime, Susie’s got a fresh interview with our guest Donna from 168 “Grave in the Basement.” She talks about her relationship with her kids today and how her life went south for many years after her story on the podcast concluded. The Secret Room | Unlocked is yours when you support your favorite indie podcast that could with a membership at patreon.com/secretroom. ALL OUR SPONSORS See all our sponsors past and present, and their offers, many of which are still valid: secretroompodcast.com/codes  FACEBOOK DISCUSSION GROUPThere's even more fun at The Secret Room Podcast Facebook Discussion Page!  Just ask to join, all are welcome. :) YOUR SECRET Do you have an abstemious secret to share? Click "Share a Secret" at secretroompod.com! PODCAST TEAM Producer: Susie Lark. Story Development: Luna Patel. Sound Engineer: Marco. Music and Theme: Breakmaster Cylinder. LISTENER SURVEY Take our Listener Survey at SecretRoomPod.com!

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