164. Sound Revenge

Jen’s got a new neighbor from hell who drives her to the point of a mental breakdown. That’s when she reached her breaking point and set out to destroy him. It’s a relatable story of one woman’s sweet justice. BABBEL Babbel.com/SECRETROOM for up to 60% off your subscription. DIPSEA Get a 30-day free trial when you go to DipseaStories.com/SECRET. FEALS Become a member at Feals.com/SECRET and you'll get 40% off your first three months with free shipping. JUNE’S JOURNEY Download June's Journey FREE today on the Apple App Store or Google Play. TRUEBILL Truebill.com/Secret.  It could save you thousands a year. PICTURES See Jen at her condo, her decibel meter app and her letter to the condo board right now on social. Pictures are waiting for you on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Handle: @secretroompod. THE SECRET ROOM | UNLOCKED Jen’s back with another tale of justice.  Hear what happened when she got bullied by upper management at her law firm. The Secret Room | Unlocked is yours when you support your favorite indie podcast that could with a membership at patreon.com/secretroom. ALL OUR SPONSORS See all our sponsors past and present, and their offers, many of which are still valid: secretroompodcast.com/codes  YOUR SECRET Do you have a concupiscent secret to share?  Well, I love your zeal. Click "Share a Secret" at secretroompod.com! FACEBOOK DISCUSSION GROUPThere's even more fun at The Secret Room Podcast Facebook Discussion Page!  Just ask to join, all are welcome. :) PODCAST TEAM Producer: Susie Lark. Story Development: Luna Patel. Bye bye: Alessandro Nigro.  Have fun in Spain!  Sound Engineer: Marco. Music and Theme: Breakmaster Cylinder. Shadow Producers: Momma A, Baby C and Elkid. LISTENER SURVEY Take our Listener Survey at SecretRoomPod.com!

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What's the one secret you've never told anybody? Welcome to The Secret Room, a podcast about the true stories no one ever tells. Hosted by Ben Hamm.