Don't Be Afraid To Sell

#138 - Have you ever met an accountant who didn’t like working with numbers?What about an attorney who didn’t like representing clients?I haven’t – BUT – I’ve met many Realtors who don’t like to sell.Real Estate Is A Selling ProfessionLet’s face it. As a Realtor, our job is to sell homes. If we don’t sell any homes, we don’t make any money and we don’t last in this profession. So, it is imperative that we are not afraid to sell.Don't Be Afraid To Sell“Don’t be afraid to sell” may be a strange topic to talk about on The Real Estate UnSalesperson podcast, but there is an easy, unsalesy way to be successful at selling.  That is what I discuss on this podcast.Sign Up For The UnSalesyGram Newsletter!Would you like to get some tips on how to successfully sell real estate in an unsalesy manner?  How about a little motivation and inspiration too?  Then sign up for my UnSalesyGram Newsletter.  It is free!  Go to the show

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Not a natural born salesperson? Don’t consider yourself to be a "salesy”? Perfect! You have what it takes to succeed in real estate. Yes, being unsalesy is the key to sales success - and introverts have what it takes! This podcast delves into the mindset needed to be a successful Realtor in an unsalesy manner. As a Realtor with over 35 years experience, I have found being unsalesy and an introvert to be an advantage in real estate. As a matter of fact, the majority of the top Realtors are introverts! I have created this podcast to inspire and encourage you to reach your goals You can do it! Don't be a typical salesperson - be an unsalesperson! Learn how. I'll discuss real life examples that you can use in your career. In addition to real estate, I'll discuss life and motivation. Many of the ideas expressed can also apply to other types of sales careers. Follow today!