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#3 - Socialising My Young Dog During Lockdown

from The Pupcast | Published 11/9/2020

New owners need to be aware of how to equip their puppies with all the skills they will need to grow in the world. Puppy socialisation in lockdown has brought stark differences to a first walks, from seeing less people to socially distanced meet ups, meaning early interaction has been significantly reduced. Today’s guest is Jennifer Dow, Editor of Edition Dog – a magazine focusing on dog health, wellbeing, and nutrition, written by professionals and experts. Jennifer is dog mum to Irish Setters, Otto, Lily and six-month-old Alice, so she has experienced lockdown socialising first-hand. If you’re trying to manage poor pup behaviours or want to understand how to introduce your pups during these exceptional circumstances, this episode is for you.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

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