How to do product-led sales

This whole product-led discussion has raised the bar really high for some tech businesses up to the point that sales are not considered necessary if your product is good enough. But is this true or it a myth? In this interview with Francis Brero, we are busting some common myths about product-led businesses and explaining how sales are not expired but just...different in the product-led era. Key Takeaways: - How to do sales in a product-led organisation - How popular businesses like Slack or Invision actually do sales - How your product can signal you that you need to reach out and try to upsell The interviewee: Francis Brero is the Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer of MadKudu, the leading marketing operations platform for B2B. The interviewer: Aggelos Mouzakitis is the founder of Growth Sandwich. He created Growth Sandwich, back in 2017 with a sole vision: to help promising early-stage teams get their products to market in a solid manner. He has worked or trained more than 500 marketers and founders on how to get to the market with the right mix of tactics and a product that drives engagement and happiness. About Growth Sandwich: Growth Sandwich is the first European Product-led Go-to-Market Strategy agency. We specialise in helping SaaS products and businesses that operate in the subscription economy. Our approach is 100% customer-centric and we help post-Product/Market fit companies establish a repeatable selling motion and recurring revenues.

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Launching, organising and going to market with your new product has become really difficult. In this podcast, we are featuring the top product-led experts in the world to share the best product-led practices with the world. You will get hands-on advice and learn tactics that top experts and products are using to grow in the Product-led era. The podcast is powered by Growth Sandwich (