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E45. Parenting tips for the early days with Jennifer Butler:

from Midwife Pip Podcast | Published 1/17/2022

You navigate your way through pregnancy, birth your baby like a total warrior and viola you enter the new club of parenthood. A whole new adventure to be explored, with a whole heap of uncertainty. The first few months of your littles one’s life are so precious, and every parent is on a mission to help nurture their new baby in the healthiest way to enable them to develop and thrive. So, what should we actually be doing with our new baby in these earliest days and how can we help have a positive start to parenting? Fear not, we have an expert joining us this week to share her top tips on those early parenting days. I don’t know about you but I am getting my notepad and pen at the ready for this one! Jen is a Registered Nurse and Midwife, Maternal and Child Health Nurse, Lactation and Sleep Consultant and Circle of Security Faciliator. Jen’s work is to support Mum's and Dad's in getting to know, understand and support their baby and toddler so they can love being a parent. Check out more of Jen’s wisdom and top tips on her Instagram page @jenbutlerearlyparenting and her Podcast ‘The early parenting podcast’. Don’t forget if you would like the very best support for the entirety of your pregnancy journey, I would love you to be part of my exclusive course ‘Your Pregnancy Journey’ as a listener you will have access to a very special offer. https://www.midwifepip.com/your-pregnancy-journey You can also visit www.midwifepip.com and view all the other services I offer: Group Antenatal Classes Digital Antenatal Classes Hypnobirthing Classes If you have found this podcast useful, please don't forget to subscribe and leave a review so it can help reach other expectant parents. Or check me out on my social media pages @midwife_pip Enjoy Listening Midwife Pip x ** The warmest thanks to our Season 3 sponsors who make the podcast creation and the easy access you have to all this expert information possible. But not only that, they have also agreed exclusive discounts for you as listeners of this podcast for a limited time on their fantastic product ranges, all of which are designed with you and your little one at their heart. Head over to Childs Farm to access 25% off their products at www.childsfarm.com using the code MIDWIFEPIP25 Head over to Baby Tula to access 15% off their entire baby carrier range at www.babytula.com using the code PIPLOVESTULA … See you on our next episode! **

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