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E33. Loving your growing, changing body with Chessie King

from Midwife Pip Podcast | Published 5/24/2021

Loving your growing, changing body with Chessie King Pregnancy is such a momentous time in a woman’s life, your body is entirely devoted to growing a new little human life… or two! Breasts, bums and bellies grow rounder, our skin changes, we grow a superhuman sense of smell and can often vomit or cry with the flick of a switch. There are undoubtably some welcome and some less welcome changes that happen as our bodies grow and change in pregnancy and I am so excited to chat this week with the wonderful Chessie King who knows very well about this adaptions as she is currently expecting a little girl herself. I am in awe of Chessie’s body confidence and self love and think it really is something that all of us women need more of in our life so be sure to check her out on Instagram @chessiekingg Chessie’s positive energy is truly infectious, and I am excited to share our chat and help other expectant mums to practice some self-love and compassion for our bodies on this journey. If you have found this podcast useful, please don't forget to subscribe and leave a review so it can help reach other expectant parents. For more information on the services and courses I offer (Antenatal Education, Your Pregnancy Journey and to get your hands on my free birth plan... Please visit: www.midwifepip.com Or check me out on my social media pages @midwife_pip Enjoy Listening Midwife Pip x Sponsorships: off for this episode

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