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New beginnings, Gen X, Y, Z and the 3 Cs

from The Ordinary Maverick | Published 1/2/2022

A very happy new year dear listeners. How did you kick start your new year? Partying all night like there is no tomorrow or being at home celebrating with family and friends? Although it may be a different kind of celebration for each one of us but it is still special. Why have the Gen X, Y and Z’s pressed the reset button and how are they navigating and prioritizing their lives?. Have you heard of the Great Resignation, the Great Reshuffle? Join me on this podcast as I share my take and more about the three C’s for Great Beginnings.

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From living in different countries, career shifts, adventure sports, relationships, agile parenting, vegetarianism, listeners will get an insight and tips for navigating life’s journey with a unique home grown solution, the Maverick formula. Today more than ever before, the Maverick formula gives everyone something practical to be ‘Life ready’ and ‘Life content’ just like the Ordinary Maverick. Join me, your host, Ajey Bhardwaj, an ordinary Maverick, who faces the same challenges and wants the same things in life as all of us.