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Ever done a Fermi?

from The Ordinary Maverick | Published 9/25/2021

Here are few fun questions for you ‘How many piano tuners are there in Chicago?’ or How many people are using cell phones right now in the world? or How many sheep would it take for every person in the world to have a wool sweater? Seems like impossible questions to answer…right?Is there something we can do or is there some way for us to piece together what is mostly unknown or challenging? Join me on this interesting podcast as I share more on the same.

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From living in different countries, career shifts, adventure sports, relationships, agile parenting, vegetarianism, listeners will get an insight and tips for navigating life’s journey with a unique home grown solution, the Maverick formula. Today more than ever before, the Maverick formula gives everyone something practical to be ‘Life ready’ and ‘Life content’ just like the Ordinary Maverick. Join me, your host, Ajey Bhardwaj, an ordinary Maverick, who faces the same challenges and wants the same things in life as all of us.