Episode 711, “Goopy D. Luffy”

On this week’s episode of The One Piece Podcast we have hosts Zach, Ed, Steve & Alex for our recap of One Piece Chapter 1043! This week we have special guests Joey Weiser (Eisner Award-nominated author of Mermin, Ghost Hog and Dragon Racer), and Donny (Video Game Developer) and ! In addition to our Manga Recap for One Piece Chapter 1043, “Let’s Face Death Together!!!” plus an Anime Recap for Episode 1013 with Sam Leach, tons of Piece Together and a bit of popularity poll trivia! Credit to Steve for this week’s episode image! Check out all of the alternate images and titles on our Patreon, subscribe today at patreon.com/onepiecepodcast! This week’s episode is edited by Dan! 0:00:00 – Introduction0:14:40 – Manga Recap: Chapter 19431:42:26 – Anime Recap: Episode 10131:58:30 – Piece Together2:52:08 – To Be Continued & Trivia PODCAST ANNOUNCEMENTS! * The One Piece Podcast Atlas: a One Piece Podcast fanbook with art & articles from the crew and community, we are excited to create a project that showcases everything we love about being part of the One Piece community!* We are proud to announce that soon we will be premiering Real It In: A One Piece Podcast Live Action Podcast with Sam & Jill* The next season of Fight Together premieres Wednesday, April 6, 2022!* The OPPTTRPG with Dan, Josh, Vero, Brodsky, Sam, Ruby, Zach & Sean!* Arcs of Consequence 2 will arrive at the end of 2022, timed with The One Piece Podcast Atlas! You can pick up One Piece Podcast merch from our TeePublic store! Check it out! INTRODUCING: The OPP Treasure Box! To celebrate our 700th episode, we are giving away prizes to one lucky winner every month for the next twelve months! All you have to do is follow the One Piece Podcast Twitter account at @OnePiecePodcast and then retweet one of our Monday Podcast Episode tweets. It only takes one retweet to enter but your chances are higher if you retweet every episode post that month. You can subscribe on Patreon and get access to our 700+ episode archive, exclusive episodes with our special guests, SWAG and a lot more. Don’t miss out, subscribe at patreon.com/onepiecepodcast to get the full One Piece Podcast experience! We have the full One Piece Podcast documentary The One Piece Podcast Goes to Japan exclusively on Patreon!

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