James Bidwell 'Connecting the dots: business as a force for good'

This episode of #TheNewAbnormal features James Bidwell, co-founder/Chair of B Corps, Re_Set and Springwise. He's also author of 'Disrupt! 100 Lessons in Business Innovation'.  (Re_Set [described by Seth Godin as “too good to share”] and Springwise are both B Corps).James advises many businesses and several government organisations. He is a visiting lecturer at the University of Bristol and Cambridge Judge Business School, participant in the London Business School Innovation and Entrepreneurship programme, committee member and judge at the World Retail Congress and mentor at Red Bull Amaphiko.James is an expert in navigating disruption and the rapid pace of change, the role of innovation, and how to encourage cultural shift. Therefore, in this episode, we discuss all of the above, along with his specific views on the 'New Abnormal ethos' of hope, community and resilience, at a time when those issues are utterly crucial...

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#TheNewAbnormal podcast (100,000+ downloads) focuses on hope, community & resilience. Debating these subjects and their cultural/social context means I've had some fascinating discussions with guests inc activists, creatives, writers, philosophers, entrepreneurs, strategists, psychologists, lecturers, futurists, etc. Re: my background, I'm a strategist, author and speaker. My first book #ThePostTruthBusiness focused on trust & empathy, the second #InfluencersAndRevolutionaries on innovation & sustainability. (The insights gained in these podcasts link to our ongoing research.) So...enjoy the interviews!