Ep 223 // When redefining your IMPOSSIBLE is a step TOO FAR!

This week on the podcast we take a trip down memory lane to set the scene for why 'too much impossible' can be a problem and give you some take aways for your training to ensure you're less likely to get injured and more likely to achieve your goals whatever they are. . Sponsor OFFER // Get your FREE place at a Spartan Race with us! [Only 50 available] . Simply take a training photo or video of you getting 'serious' about the Spartan race, then on Instagram tag @spartan and #SpartanRace as well as tagging us @schoolofcalisthenics then send in a Direct Message your video or photo post to us. We will then send you the code for your FREE spartan race at race.spartan.com . Links mentioned: Spartan Race 16/17 July - https://race.spartan.com/en/race/detail/7554/overview . Shoulder Rehab call with Tim - https://www.dynamicshoulders.com/

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