Sammy Townsley

Whenever someone goes missing, we inevitably put our last interaction with them under a microscope. For Ann Margaret Allan, her final conversation with her brother Sammy Townsley is one that will be forever seared into her memory. Growing up in a traveller family, he saw his fair share of discrimination from an early age and sadly, as he made his way through adolescence and into adulthood, he found solace in bad company and illicit substances. Sammy would occasionally get into trouble with the authorities or find himself sleeping rough on the streets, but his family always made sure he knew that no matter how bad things got, they would always be there to pick him up when he fell down. But in October 2016, after a particularly emotional phone call with his sister, Sammy went to ground and hasn’t come back up for air since.For more information on every episode from every series visit https://themissingpodcast.orgIf you love the show, and you want to hear more content like The Missing, then you should sign up to Crime Corner.Crime Corner is your home for brilliant true-crime story-telling. Subscribers can get early access to The Missing, with all episodes from every series completely ad-free.PLUS - your subscription helps to ensure we can keep bringing the show back season after season.AND - there's a collection of other shows which you can only find on Crime Corner - all designed for fans of The Missing.If you enjoy The Missing, you'll love the shows on Crime Corner.Signing up to Crime Corner is quick and simple.If you're listening on Apple Podcasts, just search for the Crime Corner Channel, sign up, and all the exclusive content will be in your Apple Podcasts app.If you're listening on Spotify, Amazon, Castbox, Pocketcasts, or any other player - you can sign up directly here : CRIME CORNERWith a couple of clicks, you'll receive all the exclusive content in your chosen platform.Presented by: Pandora Sykes What's The Story Sounds series is made with the support of Missing People and Locate International Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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