Jill Brown

Older sisters, for those of us that have them, leave an indelible mark on the lives of their younger siblings. Whether it's the music they played, the jokes they told, or the secrets they shared, being around them felt like a sneak preview of adulthood.Jill Brown, who was nineteen years old when she vanished without trace from the seaside town of Dovercourt, Essex, was beloved by her younger sister Libbi. So much so that she insisted on meeting her at her bus stop every evening when she got home from her job at a local laundry. But one foggy night in January 1978, as Libbi watched the doors of her sister’s bus open, her smile turned to a frown when they closed again with no sign of Jill. Forty-five years later, Libbi is no closer to learning what happened to her sister on that fateful day.For more information on this case, and every episode from every series visit https://themissingpodcast.orgIf you want to listen to The Missing COMPLETELY ad-free, and help to support the show, then please subscribe to our channel.What's The Story? Crime is your home for the very best in true-crime podcasts. You can get early access to series, bonus episodes, ad-free listening and even exclusive series you can't hear anywhere else. We will never put episodes behind a paywall, because we want as many people as possible to listen and spread the word about these important cases. But if you love the show, your subscription helps to fund the episodes.As well as The Missing, there's a whole collection of shows on What's The Story? Crime. From the stories of the most pivotal assassinations throughout history, to series' dedicated to forensic science, limited series about extraordinary conmen, and investigations into miscarriages of justice - What's The Story? Crime has you covered.Coming up in January, we have a brand new sister show to The Missing - called Jigsaw - which is only available here. And we have a brand new series of Smoking Gun, and a spin-off show called 'Under The Microscope', which is exclusive to subscribers. Signing up is quick and simple.If you're listening on Apple Podcasts, just search for What's The Story Crime, sign up, and all the exclusive content will be in your Apple Podcasts app.If you're listening on Spotify, Amazon, Castbox, Pocketcasts, or any other player - you can sign up directly here : WTS CRIMEWith a couple of clicks, you'll receive all the exclusive content in your chosen platform.The Missing is presented by Pandora Sykeshttps://www.instagram.com/pandorasykesThe Missing is a What's The Story? originalhttps://www.whatsthestorysounds.com/The series is made with the support of two amazing charities, Missing People and Locate Internationalhttps://www.missingpeople.org.uk/https://locate.international/This episode was first produced in conjunction with Podimo Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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