The film "Oppenheimer" has earned an impressive 13 Academy Award nominations, more than any other title this year. The epic film depicts The Manhattan Project and the making of the atomic bomb. In 1999, Savage interviewed two renowned physicists who worked with Oppenheimer at Los Alamos. In these legendary interviews, he speaks with Dr. Edward Teller, "Father of the Hydrogen Bomb" and Dr. Samuel Cohen, "Father of the Neutron Bomb". A conversation preceded by a detailed account of Teller's life leavened with Savage's comments. Teller shared his views on missile defense, nuclear "secrets", the neutron bomb, and how religion & science can be reconciled. Then, Cohen added his own perspective on the future of nuclear weaponry, foreign policy, and the disarmament of battlefield nuclear weapons. Cohen reveals how America voluntarily gave nuclear secrets to China. Listen to these historic interviews and share them with the freethinkers in your life! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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