The Menopause Mindset

Ep 71 Rest As Rebellion

from The Menopause Mindset | Published 8/16/2021

We are tired.  Tired of menopause, tired of the pandemic, tired of thinking about what to cook for dinner... even our tired is tired.  Rest would help.  It would give us that sweet relief from the intense heaviness of the grind.  But do you rest?  Do you find time for it?  Or does guilt descend the minute you park your butt? If so, you're not alone.  The absence of rest is part of the grind culture we live in.  It's the voice of our oppressor.   It's time to take our power back and reclaim rest as our birth right.   In today's episode of we talk about:😴 The different ways of resting.😴 Why we don't rest.😴 What are you avoiding by NOT resting.😴 Rest as rebellion.😴 The not so obvious benefits of resting.😴 The difference between wasting time and actual resting.😴 Resistance to restingSo if your bones are 100% ready to rest now this is the episode for you.  Find a nice patch of grass, lay down  and let me give you permission to take 40 minutes for yourself.  Links: Free Masterclass:  How to Make Sleep Your Super Power -

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