The Menopause Mindset

Ep 62 The Magic of Menopause with Lorraine Miano

from The Menopause Mindset | Published 6/10/2021

Lorraine Miano is an integrative holistic health coach certified in hormone health and author of the bestselling book “The Magic of Menopause.”  She is passionate about working with women in all phases of menopause who have weight, metabolism and ageing concerns so that they can have more energy, less stress and feel comfortable in their own skin.  In this episode we dive into:  Grandmothers and their influence; Gratitude and how to stay positive during difficult times; Sugar, hunger and appetite; Life after menopause; The choice NOT to go on HRT.  Lorraine has a beautiful, kind, sweet energy which will brighten the darkest of moods. So if you've ever been in a black cloud around menopause and need some uplifting, I really think you're gonna LOVE this episode of The Menopause Mindset Podcast.Lorraine's LinksInstagram - - - -'s LinksMind Over Menopause Masterclass -

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