A deeper dive into Breastfeeding with Lactation Consultant Stacey Zimmels

This week we are joined by our lovely friend Stacey Zimmels - also known as @feedeatspeak on Instagram. She is a feeding and speech therapist, an IBCLC certified lactation consultant and mum of two. We explore what exactly her role as a lactation consultant involves, how parents can access help, we share a few themes from the stories sent in and also have a very honest discussion about why breastfeeding can be such an emotive topic. Also we announce the winner of the giveaway courtesy of Multi-Mam!  Connect with us: Dr Punam Krishan - http://instagram.com/drpunamkrishan Dr Stephanie Ooi - http://instagram.com/the_gp_mum TMMP - http://instagram.com/themedicmumpodcast This is a Pure Creation Media Production (recorded in lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic)

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Being pregnant and becoming a new Mum is a challenge at any time, but it's particularly tough at the moment. We're Dr Punam Krishan & Dr Stephanie Ooi and on this podcast we share our family health and wellbeing insights along with a weekly dose of REAL mum chats about the juggle of being a mum... You may think that being GPs means we have it all figured out but it couldn’t be further from the truth! Join us and our guests weekly and get in touch with us on www.medicmums.com to join the conversation A Pure Creation Media Production